Kharkiv Osnova UKHH 2013 (demo)

Airport Kharkiv started operations on 6 December 1932. The airport complex consisted of ground runway, two-storeyed building and other ground services. In august 1933 airport was given a name of P.P. Postyshev and in 1936 was acknowledged as the best airport in USSR. In 1940-1941 two concrete 1000 meters long and 80 meters wide runways, steering pathways, aircraft parking places made of concrete and bricks, storages and two metal hangars were built. Airport was equipped with radiobeacon. During the war airport was severely damaged.
By the beginning of the 70’s Kharkiv airport served 600,000 passengers a year and in 10 years this number rose to 900,000.
In the second half of 2008  major reconstruction of the airport began. On 28 August 2010 a new contemporary passenger terminal was opened. Its’ area is 20000 sq.m. and carrying capacity is 650 passengers per hour. The old airport building was also reconstructed and transformed into terminal for VIP passengers. A new hangar consisting of 3 sections was opened for parking and maintenance of private aircrafts. In 2001 a new 2500 m runway was built. It allows to serve big aircrafts for flights on medium distances. In 2013 airport successfully served landing and take-off of An-124 “Ruslan”, which has the highest take-off mass of 392 tons among all planes that have ever landed in Kharkiv airport.


  • accurate geographic position
  • buildings and structures are relevant as in 2013
  • textures seasonal changes of roofs,vegetation, land surface
  • night lightning effects
  • ground traffic animation
  • interior of terminals
  • static ground services vehicles and aircrafts
  • switching on/off runway and taxiway lights by NAV2 116.90
  • volumetric grass surface
  • STAR procedures for default ATC and GPS
  • wet/snowy effect surface (using actigate.dll by Arno)
  • free full compatible sceneries from

Google.Drive UKHH-Osnova-2013