The release on SimMarket!

We have released the scenery of UKHH 2013 for FS2004 on SimMarket!
Hopefully, it will not be the only scenery of Ukrainian airports on this resource (not advertising).
Of course, the bugs will be discovered, so please send your suggestions to e-mail or ICQ (page About the project).
We will not stop there, our aim – the actualization of the scenery and transition to new platforms (FSX and P3D).

P.S. This time scenery is not available on SimMarket. Everyone is invited through e-mail.

Sceneries download

A very long time without updates, but they are. Added section Download / Seneries, there you can download all the scenes of the Kharkiv Project. It is Korotych airfield, KSAMC Sokol`niki, Kharkiv city and airport Osnova Kharkiv. Downloads from compatible with each other, but do not try to mix with sceneries from (here and here). Because of “moving” city phototerrain on its correct position it has to be moved and all airfields (thanks for Sasha as Phemmer) .
Osnova Kharkiv scenery was added with relevant buildings for 2013, was made the night seasons, tweaked textures, added the service vehicle, the dynamic scenery, the effects of weather on ground. Site contains a demo version of the Airport Kharkiv Osnova – without night and seasonal textures.
Donate section – thanks for using…

Airport vehicles

Models of airfield equipment were modeled for the scenery which was seen on the territory of UKHH.

Let’s start with apron buses … In the scenery UKHH-2008 was presented one bus MAZ -103 in the colors of TEZ-tour, he is still here , only now in colors PEGAS touristik. It makes roll tours around airport.

EURO 2012 presented UKHH 2 (or more) buses Den Oudsten Alliance City B96. This write-off the Dutch city buses … They are presented in colours  PEGAS touristik and Swissport. Buses like them also planned to use in UKKK.

Next – serving technique. Almost all new technique made ​​by TLD. Aircraft towing tractor TLD TMX- 150 is designed to perform push and pull operations on narrow and medium body A/C.

Passengers stair TLD ABS- 580 (or ABS-580E) provides access for passengers of narrow, medium and wide body aircraft with a door sill height between 2,20 and 5,80 m

Belt loader TLD NBL ( or NBL-E) for loading / unloading baggage and cargo with a range of serviced heights – from 1100mm to 4100mm .

Baggage tractor Balkancar RECORD for towing luggage carts , other ground equipment, and cargo trailers . It is a tribute to the tradition of the brand Balkancar, which were used in UKHH earlier ( some of them may even works?) .

And luggage cart TG -2000- 3 by Ukrainian production company PHOENIX PLUS . Luggage must roll on the same cart in Odessa airport.