Work in Progress

After MSFS 2004 scenery release we started development scenery for FSX/P3D. FS9 phototerrain is not compatible with next Flight Simulator versions, so it have to be rebuild.

For Kharkiv region:

  • Refined Landclasses
  • Roads and railroads
  • Water polygons and shorelines
  • Was build 1 sec mesh with local height correction
  • Phototerrain region include Kharkiv city and some suburbs
  • Appeared generic bridges over roads and rivers
  • Prepared 2(!) variants of satellite images for phototerrain surface: Google Satellite и Cadastre Ukraine Map
  • For every imagery variant prepred 5(!) seasonal textures plus night texture
  • Seasonal textures were color corrected for default textures palette and for ORBX Global palette
  • Phototerrain LOD13 19 m/pixel was generated
  • Autogen buildings texture was make
  • Vegetation was classified to match autogen tree types
  • Generated autogen buildings and trees
  • Now it is modeling 3D buildings for highraised domestic Kharkiv districts and other city landmarks