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A very long time without updates, but they are. Added section Download / Seneries, there you can download all the scenes of the Kharkiv Project. It is Korotych airfield, KSAMC Sokol`niki, Kharkiv city and airport Osnova Kharkiv. Downloads from compatible with each other, but do not try to mix with sceneries from (here and here). Because of “moving” city phototerrain on its correct position it has to be moved and all airfields (thanks for Sasha as Phemmer) .
Osnova Kharkiv scenery was added with relevant buildings for 2013, was made the night seasons, tweaked textures, added the service vehicle, the dynamic scenery, the effects of weather on ground. Site contains a demo version of the Airport Kharkiv Osnova – without night and seasonal textures.
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