Airport vehicles

Models of airfield equipment were modeled for the scenery which was seen on the territory of UKHH.

Let’s start with apron buses … In the scenery UKHH-2008 was presented one bus MAZ -103 in the colors of TEZ-tour, he is still here , only now in colors PEGAS touristik. It makes roll tours around airport.

EURO 2012 presented UKHH 2 (or more) buses Den Oudsten Alliance City B96. This write-off the Dutch city buses … They are presented in colours  PEGAS touristik and Swissport. Buses like them also planned to use in UKKK.

Next – serving technique. Almost all new technique made ​​by TLD. Aircraft towing tractor TLD TMX- 150 is designed to perform push and pull operations on narrow and medium body A/C.

Passengers stair TLD ABS- 580 (or ABS-580E) provides access for passengers of narrow, medium and wide body aircraft with a door sill height between 2,20 and 5,80 m

Belt loader TLD NBL ( or NBL-E) for loading / unloading baggage and cargo with a range of serviced heights – from 1100mm to 4100mm .

Baggage tractor Balkancar RECORD for towing luggage carts , other ground equipment, and cargo trailers . It is a tribute to the tradition of the brand Balkancar, which were used in UKHH earlier ( some of them may even works?) .

And luggage cart TG -2000- 3 by Ukrainian production company PHOENIX PLUS . Luggage must roll on the same cart in Odessa airport.